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Finally - A production team as particular as you are!
Welcome to our professional line of Film, Radio Jingles, Audio Books and TV Commercials written for companies and ad agencies just like yours all with a no hassle unlimited use guarantee on most productions. We can take virtually any project and create awesome sounding music productions sure to increase sales with impressive results!
Jingles, Audio Books, Film ready 5.1 mixing and Post Production with value and pricing hard to beat! We can't give you an exact quote without knowing more about your particular music production, but just know that apples to apples, we're definitely leaders in audio books, TV and radio productions with multiple edits and our exclusive unlimited use guarantee - We can even have your custom jingle produced in multiple languages and in hours if you're under a time crunch! With 5.1 surround and the best recording gear that can be heard on your favorite TV shows and films, there's no doubt you'll have a great sounding production!
Hands down, ReelMusician Pro is the ultimate cure for cheap sounding music.Listen to our productions and then listen to our "competition." With ReelMusicianPro, the music is incredibly real, like you're actually there and part of the scene. We're not the cheapest, but we are by far the best value for quality music and audio book production today!
At ReelMusician Pro we pride ourselves on writing fabulous sounding music productions for film, Audio Books, Radio & TV campaigns and look forward to working on yours! Give us a call at 615-300-5030 or Email Us and we'll be glad to spend a few minutes to discuss your advertising campaign or audio book and figuring out a budget that works for you!
Look at a Grammy nominated audio book trailer - "Hope Diamond" - Smithsonian
Hear Our music in a new product featured at Walmart!
Look at a TV spot for Tampa Bay Lightning!
Hear a National radio spot featuring Speaker of the House Denny Hastert
Look at a National TV Commercial for EquiFax featuring Our Music Production!
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