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ReelMusicianPro Audio Book Recording

"This was not our first
experience with
ReelMusicianPro and it
will not be our last!  
Not only did we get a great
sound for our national
spot campaign, but  as
always, Tom and his team
were incredibly responsive
throughout the entire process!"

Apples to apples,

both our pricing and

quality are hard

to beat!

Award Winning!

ReelMusicianPro leaders in Audio Books, Video trailers, TV Commercials, Radio, Film ready 5.1 mixing along with Audio and Video Post Production with value and pricing hard to beat! Once we have basic information on your audio or video project, we will get you a quick quote, usually right over the phone or within a few minutes after your email has been received.  Know that apples to apples, we're definitely leaders in audiobooks and video production, with multiple edits and our exclusive unlimited use guarantee.  We can even have your video or audio book recording in multiple languages and in hours if you're under a time crunch! With 5.1 surround and the best recording gear that can be heard on your favorite TV shows and films, there's no doubt you'll have a great sounding production!

Hands down, ReelMusicianPro is the ultimate cure for cheap sounding audiobook and video production. 
Listen to our audiobook samples and then listen to our competition. With ReelMusicianPro, the music and voice over talent are incredibly real, like you're actually there and part of the scene. Affordable and we are by far, the best value for quality on location video, music and audio book recording today!

As an award winning production company with a talented team of writers and production staff, we take the time to work with clients and make sure that audiobooks, TV commercials or video productions are done right.  As a leader in the industry, we’re able to connect the dots, and partner with reputable companies in promotion, PR, duplicating, website design, publishing, screen writing, and other key industry pros, so you can be assured and have total confidence that your audiobook production and marketing campaigns will deliver!

While visiting our site, please check out our Film and Audiobook Trailer Samples, along with video trailers that will demonstrate why we are the leaders in the audiobook recording market and TV production industry.  Our film trailers are second to none.  At ReelMusicianPro we pride ourselves on writing fabulous sounding music productions for film, Audio Books, Radio & TV campaigns and look forward to working on yours! Give us a call at 615-300-5030 or Contact Us and we'll be glad to spend a few minutes to discuss your advertising campaign or audio book to figure out a budget that works for you!

Choosing the right company to work with is your top priority, and we get that.  And we're the same when we partner with other companies on any given project and so we value your desire to find, not only the most affordable company, but a company that will say what they mean and mean what they say and deliver a great sounding audio book recording or professional looking video.  We bend over backwards to make sure that our clients receive the absolute best product for their time and money.

Having the right tools to work with is key in this business, along with our loyal creative talent and coupled with our sound effects library, that has been produced by our sister company Impulse Record, makes for a riveting book to listen to or video to watch.  In fact, our sound effects and other libraries are so in demand, that they are sold at Guitar Center and Musician's Friend and are well known around the globe. 

There are companies that record audio books and then there is ReelMusicianPro - we make videos jump off the screen and audio books come alive in such a way, where the listener is embedded and pulled into the scene of the action.   Our goal isn't to make an audio book or TV documentary, but to do it in such a way where you feel like you are there.

We deliver final files in any audio or video format you can think of, so your audiobook is ready to be uploaded to ACX  / Audible or for CD duplication or your video for TV, YouTube or a host of video applications and formats.   If you have a particular format requirement, we have it covered.

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