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Our audio book trailers generally run $150 when purchased in combination with audio book recording and that includes all of the sound effects and sizzle to make your audio book jump off the page and into the scene where all of the action is taking place!  Generally, these trailers range between 1 - 3 minutes.  Most clients understand that the attention span of the average listener tends to be short, and so audio book trailers are produced and accented to where the listener is left wanting more.

Video book trailers take more time and because of that, they cost a little more.  But even then, our pricing for video book trailers is quite affordable.  Having a good knowledge of the length of the video book trailer, the number of graphics, if we are going to create original graphics, etc all come into the equation of price.  Please Contact Us for video book pricing.

We have numerous audio book trailers and video book trailers throughout this website that represent the quality and detail that our audio book trailers bring to marketing.  For further examples please visit our Listen page and the Audio Book page that you most likely came from.

Audio Book Trailers - Video Book Trailers

ReelMusicianPro Audio Book Recording

At ReelMusicianPro, we create audio book trailers and video book trailers for virtually any budget.  From multiple characters, sound effects and custom music, to a trailer specific for Audible / ACX and for virtually any online retailer and audio format.

We can create promotional audio book packages that can be used in conjunction with a number of campaigns that you might be running simultaneously.  We can even create radio and TV spots to run along side your online promotion.

Audio book trailers don't have to be a bank breaker.   In fact, on larger books, we often include them at no additional cost.   Contact Us or call 615-300-5030 and we can go over some different options.

  • Have a Nice Conflict2:53
  • Martin TrueMartin1:58
  • Ocean Away3:13
  • Open Your Eyes1:15
  • Hope Diamond Book0:59
  • The Bane of Yoto3:00
  • Vampire's Screech1:44
  • What She Knew1:39
  • Start With No1:27
  • Mother Joseph1:02
  • No1:35
  • Reclaiming Our Children1:48
  • Become A Winner At Losing1:04

Audio Book & Video Trailers That Sell!

 At ReelMusicianPro, we know the value and marketing bang that a great sounding audio book trailer or video book trailer can make when selling an  audiobook.   It's one thing to have your audio book recorded, and then another to go to market.  Fortunately, we not only create audio book recording and production, but we understand the marketing side as well.  So many companies are there to record your book, but when it comes time to market, they disappear.  We know that you work hard with numerous editing deadlines, countless hours in initial ideas and drafts and the time it takes to bring a book to life and see your vision and dream a reality.

Our audio book and video book trailer prices are hard to compete with.  In certain cases, depending on the size of the book (mainly larger, more costly books)
we include a trailer with sound effects at no additional cost.  All of our audio book prices include a sample of the book, up to 5 minutes, per ACX requirements,
at no charge.  This sample is selected by client of the original voice over recording.