Vampire's Screech

For those of you who like vampire books, you'll love this audiobook.  With an award winning voice cast along with sound effects, the listener is embedded into the story line.  Vampire books like this one, often have complex characters and that's where ReelMusicianPro shines. 

We are often called upon to deliver that "Hollywoodish" sound through voice characters and sound effects and we do a lot of it.   Call or Contact Us us for any questions you have.

Roboy Comic Book

Roboy Comic Book in audio and video format, includes 6 issues in the series.  ReelMusicianPro partnered with Lion Forge and provided multiple voice over talent and characters, sound effects and post production.  This is a sample of the first issue.

At ReelMusicianPro we take the time to develop characters for all types of audio books.  Most characters come direct from voice over talent, while others are a combination of voice talent and software to create those specific characters when called upon.

  • Martin TrueMartin1:58
  • Ocean Away3:13
  • United States Air Force0:24
  • What She Knew1:39
  • Mother Joseph1:02
  • No1:35
  • The Bane of Yoto3:00
  • Vampire's Screech1:44
  • Martin TrueMartin vs 23:12
  • Become A Winner At Losing1:04
  • Reclaiming Our Children1:48
  • Start With No1:27
  • Have a Nice Conflict2:53

Audio Book Recording | Grammy Nominated

Fiction, Non Fiction, Children's Books, Classics, Thrillers, Celebrities and more...

At ReelMusicianPro, we create audio book recordings and make audiobook productions, with a vast array of voice over talent, custom or library music, sound effects and marketing ideas to create your next audio book recording to sell!  And as a Grammy nominated audio book production company, we do it all.  From editing, abridging your audio book and script, to recording the voice over talent, adding custom or library music, award winning sound effects, audio trailers and video book trailers to delivering a fully designed and marketable audio book CD with artwork included if you desire - We Do it!         Marketing and Promotion Packages

Audio Book  Recording - Easy as 1 2 3

Create a Graphic Audio Book

Turn your next audio book, into a graphic audio book, complete from hand drawn sketches and ideas, into story boards and final movies or by interactive page by page turns, swiping by hand gestures and watch and listen to your audio book come to life!  

Graphic audiobooks are a great way to stand out and are also another revenue stream.  Graphic audio books are visual and with a graphic audio book, anyone can watch on a dvd player, while on vacation in a car, at home on TV, on a computer, or any portable media device such as tablets.

ReelMusicianPro is a full-service audio book recording production facility.
Voice Over Talent, CD duplication, artwork, sound effects, audio book trailers, video book production, radio and TV spots, with graphic design for CDs and jewel cases.   We can make your audio files compatible with virtually any re-seller, including Audible, iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon and many others.

ReelMusicianPro Audio Book Recording

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Audiobook Recording Trailers and Promotion

"The Audio Publishers Association released the results from two concurrent studies of audiobook sales patterns and consumer behavior which revealed that that total net sales of audiobooks in 2011 were up from the previous year and that, in general, the audio format is thriving.  According to the independent research firm Lewis&Clark who conducted the 2011 Annual Sales Survey, 3.8 million more audiobooks were sold in 2011 than were sold in 2010, representing a 2.6% increase in total revenues year - over - year.  Some of the growth in the sales can be attributed to a wider selection of titles available to audiobook fans. The total number of titles published in the audio format has doubled over the past seven years and publishers continue to increase their output to ensure that the most popular trade books are available in audio at the time the print book is released.  Adding to the positive outlook is a 3.2% decrease in returns of audiobooks from 14% last year to just 10.8% this year. Returns as a percentage of overall gross sales have never been this low. In fact, the average rate of returns a decade ago was nearly three times higher than it is today.The rise of the digital download is no doubt the biggest contributing factor in the growth of sales and the declining rate of returns. The study shows that for audiobooks, the digital download format has eclipsed the CD format with slightly more than 60% of all audiobooks sold today being digital."

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Create Affordable Audio Book Recording!

Don’t Just Fix it, Improve it!

Here is a corporate trailer taken from the client’s audiobook, coupled with graphics supplied by the client.  Audiobook trailers such as this, don’t have to cost an arm and a leg.  If you plan ahead of time and give us a little creative lead way, you’ll be surprised by the results and dollar for dollar, it’s hard to compete with both our audiobook trailer along with our video trailer pricing and quality!  Corporate audio trailers are a great way to not only market your next company audiobook, but to get employees engaged and get your main points across quickly

Audio Books That Sound Great

Our client and production history is pretty impressive!  Grammy nominated with clients from William Morris LA, Pulitzer Prize nominees, National Best Selling Authors,Inspirational  and Religious Publishers, large talent booking agencies - we work with a lot of folks, and we'll give your book the same attention!  With 5.1 surround, a huge sound effects library and with some of the best recording gear and software that money can buy, there's no question that apples to apples, we're hands down, the leaders when you want to create your audiobook recording.

Audio Book Quality - No Comparison

There's no comparison, listen  to our audio book production and then listen to our competitors.  When recording fiction and comic books, ReelMusicianPro has the detail, sound effects and design that most companies, can't compete with, at our prices!  We create national sounding audio book recording, at prices you can afford!  Audio Book Publishers, click on the Publishers tab above for multi book discount information.

"No" - by Jim Camp

"No" and "Start With No" were written by New York Times Best Selling author, Jim Camp. We had the privilege of working with Jim and recording both books.   Jim has online courses that correspond with each book. As a Random House author and nationally recognized authority  on negotiating, we were asked to write and produce an original music composition.  We can write music or insert library or licensed music, scoring, sound effects and post for almost any book, along with audio or video book trailers!

Full Service Audio Book Recording

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The Next Level....

This video trailer comprises original footage supplied by client from his early years playing football.  The sound track written by ReelMusicianPro for this audiobook and trailer.  This is an inspiring story, told in audiobook format, of a young man who came from very little to making it in the NFL!  Take a quick look at his journey and what your next audiobook trailer or video book trailer might sound and look like.  We create audio book recording and production to sell and to be seen and we'll look at your book through the lens of your production goals and make that reality.

I’ll See You Later

This audio book trailer was adapted from the Grammy considered audiobook “The Hope Diamond” with the actual diamond and parts of this audiobook and trailer now residing in the Smithsonian in Washington, DC.  The title track, “I’ll See You Later,” is an original ReelMusicianPro composition written by Tom Gauger, Chris Saunders and Joseph Gregory, exclusively for this audiobook and trailer.  Song production and arrangement by ReelMusicianPro.  Graphics supplied by client with all video post production by ReelMusicianPro.  Some footage of President Harding and the First Lady were previously never released!

Great Value

We work on anything from  "How to" books to fiction and non-fiction books alike - each getting the detail and attention they deserve.   We'll come up with initial concepts, ideas and give you a price quote that fits your budget.  Our prices are reasonable - many times, hundreds to even thousands of dollars less than our closest competitors, with a much better sounding and sellable product!