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At ReelMusicianPro, we specialize in audio book production and recording  audio books, with a vast array of voice over talent, music, sound effects and marketing ideas to create your next audio book recording.  And as a Grammy nominated audio book production company, we do it all.  From editing and abridging your book and script, to recording the voice over, adding custom or library music, audio book trailers to delivering a fully designed and marketable audio book CD with artwork included if you desire - We Do It! 
We are truly a full-service audio book production facility.  In fact, take a Listen  to our Audio Book Productions, and then listen to our competitors - there's no comparison.  ReelMusicianPro has the detail, sound and professionalism that most companies, quite honestly, can't compete with, especially at our prices!  We deliver national sounding audio book productions at prices you can afford!  Book Publishers Click Here for multi book discount information.
Our clent and production history is pretty impressive!  With clients from William Morris LA, Pulitzer Prize nominees, to National Best Selling authors and large talent booking agencies - we work with a lot of folks, and we'll give your book the same attention!
Audition voice over talent now - Choose who will read your book!
For further information on CD duplication services please call one of our trusted partners at 319-337-4110 and ask for Joe or Click Here and you will be directed to  Joe will be glad to show you all of your packaging options to ensure that your audio book duplication is not only painless, but looks and sounds great! - attention that you deserve!
With 5.1 surround, a huge sound effects library and with some of the best recording gear and software that money can buy, there's no question that  apples to apples we're hands down, one of the leaders in the audio book industry. Of course we say that humbly, but it's just simply the truth and anyone who's been in the business for any length of time knows it to.
With these prices and value, what's to stop you from increasing your potential bottom line profit with audio books that sound and look great!  We work on anything from smaller info or "How to" books to fictional and non-fictional books alike - Each getting the detail and attention that you deserve.  Why not give us a call at 615-300-5030 to discuss your next audio book. We'll come up with initial concepts, ideas and give you a price quote that you won't be able to refuse.  Our prices are reasonable, your product will sound terrific! - Give us a call today!
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